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Währenddessen breitete sich unter den Rebellen Unmut über die Anwesenheit Turals aus, so könne die imperiumstreue Senatorin sie eventuell verraten oder andere Imperiale anlocken. Ezra rettete den Wookiee, wurde jedoch mit Kallus konfrontiert, der die beiden entdeckt hatte. Überrascht von dem frühen Eintreffen der imperialen Verstärkung, beschloss Kanan, sich ihnen alleine zu stellen, um seinen Freunden die Flucht zu ermöglichen.


However, the rebels fought them off and drove them away. Ihr favorisierter Sprengstoff waren die Detonitstreifen. The other crewmates agreed to that idea, and Hera reluctantly turned the ship about to flew alongside the creatures. With Rex taking the lead, Ezra and Kanan utilized the Sword and Shield maneuver which involved deflecting blaster bolts and hurling grenades at the advancing droid columns.

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Ezra Bridger codename Spectre 6 was a young Force -sensitive human street urchin living on the streets of the Imperial-controlled planet Lothal 's Capital City trying to survive by crime until he was taken in by Kanan Jarrusbecoming his Jedi apprentice and a part of the Ghost crew's Rebellion against the Empire. Hoping to make the galaxy a better place for him, his parents set up public broadcasting transmissions meant to speak out against the Empire's tyrannical rule, but their small rebellion would cost them their lives. So by the time Ezra was seven, his parents were taken away by the Empire and their family home declared off limits to live in to the public, leaving him to fend for himself for the next eight years, eventually taking up residence in an abandoned communication tower, humorously nicknaming it Ezra's Tower. Ezra resorted to finding work as a con-artist and thief stealing in order to survive, receiving his lessons of such art from Ferpil Wallawaya pawn shop owner and skilled pickpocket with various underworld connections.

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